Ahh… Stalkers…

August 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So, I decided to go to the gym last night on my way back from Redondo Beach.  It’s been a few months since I’ve been there because I’ve been avoiding a weirdo I dated in January for a brief moment named Imanuel. He was the not so attractive, “nice guy”, who really wasn’t my type, and I decided to go on a few dates with him because he was so damn persistent.  He’d bug me in the Jacuzzi each time I saw him. We really had nothing in common.  After 3 weeks of dating him, he told me he loved me, got me a scary ass big white fuzzy bear with a heart that said “I love you” and it sung a scary song that said “I love you”. On top of that he had a crazy foot fetish, loved my feet and really got aroused whenever he touched them, that creeped me out even more.  He was a diamond and jewelry dealer and told me he had a necklace made for me out of diamonds with my initials. I realized he didn’t know my last name and probably had the initials “MO” on it and his last name started with an “O”, even more creepy.  I refused it he got mad and went off on me about how he doesn’t know how men do things in this country (he was a Persian/Israeli Jewish guy) but in his country they give these things to their women. He ranted about American men being abusive to their women and maybe them giving their women a gift like that after 2 years or so.  Anyway, I got bored quick and lost my patience, so I called things off.  He got mad and started telling me off, and was still upset I wouldn’t accept his gift. After that, I just avoided him. Thank god I didn’t sleep with him.

Anyway the guy that works at the gym said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you where’ve you been?”  I filled on of him in on the Imanuel story.  He said “Ohh wait I think I know who you’re talking about” He showed me Imanuels pic in the system and asked if that was him.  I said “Yes”  He said “Ohh I hate that guy”  He proceeded, how Imanuel would be in the Jacuzzi and he’d announce the was gym closed for the evening.  Imanuel was always the last to leave. He proceeds to tell me this story “One day I walk in the men’s locker room.  There he was in just a T-Shirt with one leg on the counter with his stuff hanging down and blow drying his stuff.  I was like man no one wants to see that shit”  I busted up laughing…. He said “Ya, if he’s here he’s always in the Jacuzzi, but yea I haven’t seen him for a while”  Then he said “For a while there he’d just show up, look around and leave, he might stay every once in a while but usually left. Damn I bet he was looking for you, that’s scary. Man one day I’ll be looking for you and find you hacked up in the jacuzzi”  He told me they’d look after me and if I was ever interested in a guy at the gym, to ask him about the guy and he’ll tell me what the dudes deal is.  😉 Yeah! Psycho’s!!! So, I’m glad I avoided the gym for the past couple of months, although I have gained some weight recently, it’ll eventually go away. 🙂 Ohh yeah, I’ve also been avoiding The Saddle Ranch and Club Bang for the same reason…


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