Mars the Ice planet – Boring Conversation

August 20, 2009

Mars the Ice planet – Boring Conversation
by Maureen “MO” Whelan
February 01, 2007

One of my good guy friends, Edwin, invited me to a bar to meet up with his friends. The bar was a smaller hole-in-the-wall Irish sports pub located in Hollywood. We entered the bar and found his friend along with a group of people. Immediately, Edwin and I noticed the group was a bit geekier than the both of us. Edwin and I drank beer and made conversation with the peeps.

I started speaking to one of his friends about random computer geek stuff. He was interesting to talk to, but lacked humor and spunk. He rambled on as I glanced over his style. His hair was dark brown, slicked, with a flip at the back. He wore baggy jeans, a white t-shirt, and a button down long-sleeved camel colored, corduroyed looking shirt. He wasn’t bad looking; he just needed a girlfriend to dress him. I developed a small soft spot for him because I realized he had no clue and I made mention to Edwin.

A guy bumped into me as I was talking to Edwin’s friend. He apologized and sat in a stool next to me. He also insisted on butting in on our conversation. He broke the ice by saying, “So, did you hear the Mars is now an Ice Planet and considered Planet X”. I looked at him blankly because his but-in conversation has absolutely nothing to do with what Edwin’s friend and I were speaking of. Edwin’s friend began to engaged in the conversation by responding, “Ohh ya I heard something about that. Did you know that they also found another Ice Planet and now there’s two.” They both began to rattle off about the Ice Planets. I glanced over to Edwin trying to catch his eye to let him know I was in pain, but no luck. A few minutes later, Edwin walked by and whispered in my ear that he was bored. I look at him and said me too and we left. Finally the Ice Planet babble was over!

A note to the geekier guy: Don’t try to impress a chick at a bar with techy, science geek knowledge. Most girls have no interest in that kind of stuff as a conversation starter. We just like to bullshit and have fun. Not to mention after a few drinks, I’ll end up seeing Ice Planets around your head.



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