My Stolen Purse, My Palm Pilot, and a Cop

August 20, 2009

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I condensed this event; it actually lasted from 3pm about 7pm, today. I also used word, so it’s probaly missing punctuation from the copy & paste. Enjoy!

So, today I trucked back to the police station (by the climbing gym) to file a theft report.  Let me say it was a long day

I show up at the station and the snappy broad from the night before was there.  A young cop boy came to the window to ask what happened.  I proceeded to explain my purse was stolen; the boy blinked at me and told me to sit and wait for an office to take my report.  So, I sat and waited.

Finally a regular cop came to the window and again I explained the situation.  He took a report, gave me a card and said My contact numbers in there, just in case you find your purse in a hamper or something  Humm comforting, glad to know he thinks Im an idiot.

Out of frustration, I went back to the gym, parked my car and searched the area.  Most purse thieves only steal purses for money, my wallet wasnt in there, so I assumed they dumped it near by.  I peaked in the dumpsters, asked a couple of people working at the local business, and wandered the streets aimlessly in hopes of finding the purse.  Everyone I spoke to was shocked the crime happened and they were thankful I gave them a heads up.  They all told me they always left their car windows down, with items in the car and never had a problem.  I finally turned the corner and up pulled the cop in a cop car.

He drove his car up to me and asked how it was going.  I let him know I spoke to the neighbors and peeked in a couple of dumpsters.  He told me his intention was to look in the dumpsters near by, for my purse, but didnt see a need to now that I looked and didnt see anything. I told him I was already there so I figure I mind as well look for the thing.  He drove off.

I crossed the street, looked in another lot and then continued walking down the street.  I came across a black object on the sidewalk.  Is that is? My main concerned lost? I got closer and yes it was the face plate of my palm pilot. I walked a bit further down and there it was, in a bush, to the side of the road, my Palm Pilot.  I was so relived.  I called the station.  The snappy broad cop answered.

The Conversation:

Me: Hi, can you connect me to Office blah blah

Puts me on hold

Broad: Ummm.. Hes not in, he out on patrol. Do you want his voice mail?

I could tell she was ready to transfer so I cut her off.

Me: I know hes out of the office, I just saw him.  Can you transfer me to him?  I had my purse stolen and found my Palm Pilot.

Broad: You found it great!

Me: Wait I found my Palm Pilot but not the purse. What should I do with it? Its evidence

Broad: Humm Im not sure Ill transfer you to his voicemail.

She transfers me, I leave a message.  I waited a bit, and then picked up each piece by the side.  Out of excitement, I went back to the rock climbing club.  I showed the employees the Palm Pilot, they were happy for me.  One of the guys walked with me to see if we could find anything else.  We walked for awhile bit couldnt find anything. So, we headed back to the gym, he gave me a sports drink and went back to the Police Station.

Im back at the window station, the snappy broad steps up.

Broad: Can I help you?

Me: Yes, remember I called, my purse was stolen and I found my Palm Pilot?  Heres my Palm Pilot.

Broad: Ohh what do you want us to do with it?

Me: Well isnt it as evidence?

Broad: You touched it!

Me: Yes, but I called and didnt know what to do with it, so here it is.

She ran off to the back, spoke back and forth with another female officer and yelled back at me.

Broad:  Were really busy right now. The officer will get to you as soon as he can. Hes on Patrol.

She approached the window with an evidence bag, put my Palm Pilot inside and set the bag aside.

Broad: You can sit down and wait.

Me: Thanks.

I sat down and waited and waited and waited a little longer. I played every boring game in my cell phone, stared out the window, called a few people, finally over an hour later, the boy cop come up to the window.

Boy Cop:  Hell be awhile can I help you with something?  I heard some of the story, but can you fill me in.

I walked up to the window and proceeded to recap the story from yesterday.  I also let him that I wandered around looking for the purse, spoke to the neighbors and where I found he palm Pilot. I even drew a map of where I found it and how the pieces were layed out, explaining that it looked like it was tossed from a car.  He took out a map for me to show him exactly where it was.

Boy Cop: Wow, so you let the whole neighborhood know. So, what do you want us to do?

Me: Well, ya I was pissed, my purse was stolen.  I dont know what to do? What should you do?  Isnt it evidence? Will it be helpful to you? You tell me.

He kind of nodded.

Boy Cop: Well, I dont think wed get good prints off of it because it was tossed.  The prints are probably smudged.

I looked at him blankly just wondering why the hell hes there.

Boy Cop:  Why dont you tell me what you think will be good for prints.  Youll have to keep the Palm Pilot here for awhile, are you okay with that or do you just want to take it home.

Again I looked at him blankly.  He wanted me to show him what I thought would be useful evidence What?  Ive only watched a few episodes of CSI.

Me: Sure, you can keep it for a bit if its useful to you.  Why dont you bring it out and Ill show you what I think is good evidence. Ill need to turn off the alarms too.

Boy Cop: It has alarms?

Me: Yes, Ill turn them off so the battery doesnt die.

He brings out the bag, and snaps his little gloves on.

Boy Cop: I dont want to touch it and get my prints on it. I spoke to the Officer and he said it wouldnt hurt.  Can we keep the Palm Pilot for a few weeks and just call when were done with it.

Me: Ya, I dont need it right away.

Again I look at him puzzled because he has latex gloves on.

Me: Just grab it buy the sides.

He slides the Palm out of the bag grabs it by the side and look at me puzzled because hes afraid to touch the face plate.

Me: Just flip it.

I gestured my wrist to show him how to flip it.  He flips it open and sets it down I grab a near by pen and use it to turn on the Palm Pilot and turn off the alarm.

Boy Cop: Ohh ya, I wouldnt want to startle my forensics guy with the alarm.

I made joke with him about it, but cant remember it right now.  I made him laugh.  I thanked him and left.  At least I found the Palm Pilot. What a freekin weekend!



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