The prostitute boy at Kress…

August 20, 2009

The prostitute boy at Kress…
by Maureen “MO” Whelan
November 08, 2008

A few Saturday’s ago… My girlfriends and I decided to hit up the local Hollywood trendy club, Kress. We ran around on the “VIP” roof for a bit to say hi to our promo boyfriends (as in guy friends) and headed to the “basement” to get our boogie on. We already started drinking at my place and had a few drinks at the roof top bar. We decided to get another round of drinks at the disco “basement” bar. The girls ordered a round of drinks. I decided to kick back, and stand behind them. I started to feel eyes piercing through my skull. I glance to my left and saw a young boy, in his early 20’s staring at me. He was shorter than I, had dirty blond hair, light eyes, and was trying to sport the Hollywood douchebag look – blue jeans, t-shirt, bandana, and a trucker cap.

He decided to speak to me…

Boy spluttered out: “I’m a prostitute, will you take me home with you?”

I paused and had to think for a second because I knew I was tipsy, but not that tipsy.

I responded: “Excuse me?”

Boy responded: “I’m a prostitute and I want to go home with you.”

I paused again and thought back to my previous blog titled “Dating and a homeless boyfriend.” “Ohh Boy!” I thought. “I could have my very own homeless boyfriend to take home, to clean up, to feed, to love, and make my very own!” Then I re-focused and realized, no, no, he’s just not cute enough to put all that effort into and I’d be bored with him before the end of the night. After all, why would I pay to have sex with a not-so-cute boy, when I can have free sex and some good conversation with a hot man!

So, I responded “No, thanks.”

The girls passed me my Jack and Coke and we walked away onto the dance floor.

You can’t blame a young naive boy for trying. I just hope he got lucky that night and had a warm place to sleep.

Get your boogie on!

Maureen “MO” Whelan


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