A girl and a carny

September 19, 2009

I was in grade school when my sister exposed me to heavy metal and punk rock.  My sister and her friends were all juniors and seniors in High School.   I looked up to them, and my sister helped dress me in my “metal” attire.  We grew up in a small town, so really the only thing there was for teenagers was to hang out at the mall, Chucky Cheese, a house party, and the San Bernardino County Fair.

One night at Chucky Cheese, I meet a friend of my sister.  She was a beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed gal.  She always wore jean miniskirts, rocker t-shirts, black boots and a jean jacket with patches and rocker pins.  She painted her face with dark black eyeliner to create cat eyes and teased up her bangs.  She had a free spirit and was always wanting to party.  She was happy and just wanted to enjoy herself.

The carnival came to town not too long after I meet her. It was at the San Bernardino County Fair in Victorville.   This was an exciting event for the locals to go to.  She went one day and meet a carny.  She dated him while the carnival was in town.  She was invited out to a carnival wrap party the carny’s were having and of course she went.  Unfortunately, none of her friends attended.  The carny’s left town. Days went by and no one heard from her. She was missing.  About a week later, her father was taking a walk in the desert near by their home.  He came across her naked, dead body.  The last anyone knew of her existence was the day she went to the party.  Unfortunately, no one knew the guys name and the carny crew dispersed.  Her killer was never found.

I think I might have been around 11yrs old when this all happened.  Her smile and glow still remain in my mind. (c)


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