An attempted kidnapping

September 19, 2009

My memory is a bit hazy on the details on this event:

I was in grade school and just started taking the bus to school.   It was approximately 1st or 2nd grade.  I took the bus home from school.   I was the only kid to get off at my bus stop that day.  The bus stop was at a corner stop sign, surrounded by brush.  The bus left and I started walking home.

A 1970’s tan, 4door sedan pulled up beside me with a couple inside.  I kind of remember what the couple looked like. They were both very white trash.  The guy had short brown hair and a mustache; the lady had straggly blond hair.  The lady started acting nice to me.  She said “Hi sweetie.”  I didn’t acknowledge them and kept walking.  She told me my parents told them to pick me up.  I knew they were lying and told them I’d walk.  They pulled up in front of me.  She got out of the car, grabbed me and put me in the back seat.   She got in the car and the guy began driving fast.  I started screaming and crying.  She told me to calm down, but I wouldn’t.  The man started yelling at her to keep me quiet, she yelled back at him in frustration.  I screamed louder and louder, started kicking and trying to open the car door.   They continued to argue.  This went on for awhile.  They finally pulled over at a stop sign.   She let me out and they took off.

I stood at the corner crying and scared. Again, it was another vacant area.  I had no clue where I was. So, I just stood there hoping someone would find me, my parents, cops, just someone.  Sometime had passed… My parents and my sister finally drove up.  I got in the car and all my parents could to was yell at me because they were “so worried” and “how could I get off at the wrong bus stop?” They just continued about how stupid I was for getting off at the wrong bus stop.  They wouldn’t let me speak, so all I could do was cry because they wouldn’t listen.  I just tucked that memory into the depths of my mind.

It wasn’t until last year that I told my sister what actually happened that day.  She actually brought the day up, because we were talking about how dysfunctional our family was.  She told me she remembered a day when I was missing for 2 hours and my parents finally decided to look for me after she nagged them.   She remembered how pissed they were that I got off at the wrong stop sign. I said “Ohh… ya… that was the day someone attempted to kidnap me” and I told her the story.

People wonder how easy it is to kidnap a child and yes, it is that easy.

I thank God for all the little guardian angels he has watching over me. (c)


One Response to “An attempted kidnapping”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Oh Mo! I’m so sorry. How scary and painful that it happened in the first place, and then to be blamed for it by your parents. It’s more than a 1st/2nd grader is able to handle. I tremble thinking about what might have happened if you hadn’t been let out. I just took Enzo to a teen safety seminar last week so this is very much on my mind.

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