My Acid Bath Days…

January 29, 2010

I saw a kid today wearing an Acid Bath t-shirt.  It brought back many good memories.  My sister and I were Acid Bath and Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.) ‘Bandaids’ (Groupies who don’t sleep with bands).  Acid Bath was a mixed metal band and DRI was a thrash metal band.

I went to my 1st DRI concert at the age of 13 and then meet the band mates of DRI and Acid Bath the following year when I was 14.  My sister and I continued to follow the Acid Bath crew around until I was about 20, just right before the Bassist, Audie Pitre was killed in a car accident with his family.  My sister and I drove all around California to watch the guys play.  We spent nights with them at their record label headquarters, in motel rooms, and even sleeping with them in a big black truck.  The guys were always good to us and made sure no one ever messed with us.  They never tried having sex with us and in fact I don’t recall ever seeing any of them hook up at shows.  You could always find me moshing in the pit and I’d sneak a beer here and there.  The bars and clubs never questioned me.  We were all youngsters then. Those were fun times, filled with many good memories.

So, I’m happy to see the youngsters still love Acid Bath. 😉  ❤ The Acid Bath Boys.  R.I.P. Audie. (C)

One Response to “My Acid Bath Days…”

  1. Gina Says:

    Those were such good times sis! and I still miss those times and the boys and Audie RIP miss you much 😦

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