Rupert Wainwright was on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

February 9, 2010

Rupert Wainwright was on Bravo’s ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.” He’s a stereotypical older Hollywood Director / Producer.  He’s a control freak and was rude to his date.  Apparently, he usually dates bimbo’s that are young enough to be his daughter and doesn’t know how to deal with real women.  I’ve meet a few men like this in the industry. They always wonder why their ‘relationships’ don’t last long and why they’re still single. All I got to say is eww…


3 Responses to “Rupert Wainwright was on “The Millionaire Matchmaker””

  1. Sugarhill Says:

    He hasn’t changed then – he was like that at school. Strange how maturity evades some people.

  2. james Says:

    he is a prick. That’s from another brit

  3. Gary Gemmell Says:

    yeah too true he was the worst arsehole on the show

    all of them are arseholes there hasnt been one decent guy on the show – just shows you money doesnt make for decency – the devils spawb.

    If id been there i would have knocked his lights outs – arrogant , smug , up himself – what a prick as you say!

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