Male Players

March 6, 2010

I had this blog posted on for awhile and it had a decent amount of hits. Unfortunately, some twit guy got offended, flagged it and gave me a sweet comment about what a short, fat, feminist I must be and what a hot, dumb girlfriend he had. His words were a bit more intense,but you get my drift. deleted the post. So, I’m re-posting on my blog, because this is my blog, so F U biatch!



What ever happened to the old school smooth player?  Y’all know what I’m talking about. He was smooth… He would take you out for a nice dinner, compliment you, make you feel special and like you were the only girl in the room.  You’d chime your wine glasses together and make conversation to at least know each others last name.  He’d never mention of another woman and you’d never ask.  He’d make you feel so special to the point that you really wanted him to take you home and take advantage of you.  At that moment you really didn’t care if there was another woman, so why ask.  Until, of course another on showed up at his place while you were there or constantly called his phone.

Now there’s a new bread of “wanna be players”, with no game. Lately, my friends and I have been running into these silly boys, who want to skip the dinner part and just “hang out”.  Hang out at his place or yours and watch a movie or something.  The something is usually implying sex.  We’re not in high school anymore and we’re not broke. So, I think we can all at least go out to a decent dinner before taking a roll in the haystack.  The wanna be player no longer lavishes a girl with compliments and have no problem blatantly checking out another girl while accompanied by the girl they’re thinking about banging.  They also have no problem speaking about all the other girls in their lives either.  Some are just friends, some are friends with benefits and some they’re actually dating or seeing. Hell, they might even have a serious girlfriend or wife. But these new wanna be players think they’re being safe and not hurting your feelings by mentioning all the girls in their lives and that they’re just into you for sex.  This way there’s no argument if you start liking a guy and he is only into the sex and not you. Hold up stop!  Mentioning other girls to a new girl and letting her know up front you’re just looking to play (as in f*cking) is a BIG RED flag for a girl to run away fast!  Who the hell wants to bothered with a guy whose ego is so big, that he actually thinks a girl will want him after hearing that kind of crap.  STUPID! Girls are not crazy for not wanting to f*ck you, nor do they have issues with sex. I’d rather not waste my time and invest in a shinny new vibrator, thanks.

New vocab for sex:

*You’re hot!
*Let’s hang out
*You wanna come over?
*Do you need company?
*Invite me over
*You wanna play?
*You wanna party?
*You wanna have fun?
*Wanna chill?
*You want to grab a drink?
*Are you bit wild?
*Are you kinda crazy?
*Can’t we just get out of here and go somewhere less noisy?
*I promise I’ll behave
*So, you are from New York.  Now I know I’ve been messing with the wrong girls.  Why dont you show me how its done East coast.
*I love your accent does it get deeper when you get more into it?
*Baby all I need is just one night with a hot chick like you
*I know you and I would be great together.
*I was like WOO when I saw you get out of the cab.
*So, I told my friends I need to get to know this one.
*Can I buy you a drink? (So rare in LA)
*You have nice tits
*We have great chemistry
*I haven’t felt like this with anyone else
*I miss you

And the winner vocab: I LOVE YOU

However, I still love my old school playa boyz, who admit they are or were players and don’t mess with me out of respect.  I got nothing but love for my old school playa boyz!!  I love all you boyz and thanks for being my friend and not acting like a fool toward me. Much luv!  😉




One Response to “Male Players”

  1. heather Says:

    Wow, THAT offended someone? He must have been one of those “let’s chill” guys. Loved it!

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