The Passing of my Father

March 12, 2010

It was a beautiful, sunny day
I was driving to a meeting I had with a client
Thinking of what to say
My thoughts became compliant

My cell phone rang
It was my sister
Wad up? I answered in slang
As the sun rays traveled though my car windshield in a glister

Its dad, she said, he’s in the hospital
It’s his heart
At first her words didn’t register at all
But then I realized he might depart

I turned my car around and went to my place
Called my client to cancel the appointment
Took a moment to eat some food and say grace
Then I left my apartment with no disappointment

On the road I drove so far
Watching time pass by my car window
Faster and faster, the wheels turned on my car
Just hoping my mother would not soon be a widow

To the hospital I arrived
Called my boss to tell him the story
I ran inside to see if my father survived
Found my mother, her face was full of worry

My sister was crying
The doctor approached me
In my mind, I know he was dying
I was strong, the doctor could see

He told me my father had a major coronary attack
He was flat lined for an hour
But the medics brought him back
But the outlook of his health was so sour

He was brain dead
On life support
Something my father would dread
He would soon have to abort

Health insurance only paid for a couple of days
The doctor made me in charge of the situation
I sat in thought, lost in a daze
Trying to sort through my own frustration

Pulling the plug on a parent is a hard decision
I asked the doctor to wait for a couple of days
Something no child would want to envision
I tried not to slip into a craze

The doctor said my mother needed to sign a document
A document for no resuscitation
I explained to my mom what everything meant
And that I needed her complete concentration

My sister left for an hour
My mom and I sat and waited
Praying to the higher power
Wondering what was fated

We heard the beeps of the ICU
Then nurses and doctors ran in a frantic
Yelling code blue
It was very systematic

The doctor approached my mother and I
My father had a small heart attack
Luckily he did not die
To life he came back

The doctor asked my mother to sign
The no resuscitation document
She said it was fine
This time she was content

We left the hospital
And went home for the evening
Memories of father, we would recall
We began grieving

My sister and niece went to visit
My father in the ICU
Next to him they would sit
With their hearts so blue

They held his hand and spoke to him
As he laid in the bed and rested
Hopes of his survival were so slim
In God they only trusted

My father opened his eyes one last time
And turned his head to see my niece
It was so sublime
He then closed his eyes and was at peace

This was the passing of my father
It was in the year two-thousand we buried him
This poem is in loving memory of my father
And I will always remember him


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