My Wednesday Afternoon on April 7th.

April 8, 2010

I spent my Wednesday at my mom’s house in the High Desert of California.  My sister and I dug through mom’s garage to look for our old Atari 2600.  My sister finally found it after shuffling through many boxes in the garage.   I needed the Atari as a prop in a film I will be working on, so I’m happy we found it.

I also, helped my eldest niece remove the front bumper and grill on her truck.  The truck was in an accident not to long ago and the woman that hit the truck was uninsured.  So, my sister and niece decided to fix it on their own.  It was fun to get back into my old auto gear-head mode for a bit.  Ratcheting is fun…

Here are a couple of pics from today:

Atari 2600

Working on nieces truck


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