October 19, 2011

Los Angeles, Ca., October 19, 2011 – Probell Films is proud to announce that The Suburban Count is now available online for free viewing.

The Suburban Count is an experimental, comedy, horror film; written, directed and produced by Maureen “Mo” Whelan.  Featuring Ozzie Carnan Jr., Andy Gates, Chris Andrews, Marjorie DeHey Daleo, Yvonne LaVallee, and Benny Andrews.  The animated intro was created by Amit Tishler.

A hopeless drunk, the Suburban Count, is forced to live in a single bedroom apartment with his best friend, a dog, after his castle is foreclosed on. Unfortunately, he also has to share the apartment with his two lazy, leech, vampire friends.  The film was shot entirely in one day, from 2pm – 10pm. It was created for fun, and with the intention of silly humor.

You may view the film on the following sites:


Funny or Die –

Vimeo –

YouTube –

Break –


For more information regarding Mo Whelan, please visit her blog at For more information about Amit Tishler, please visit his website at and Probell Films visit You may also find The Suburban Count information on IMDB at





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