Drunk girl at the gym

June 29, 2012

I occasionally Tweet and Facebook my random nights at the gym. However, tonight’s experience was worth a blog because you just can’t make this sh*t up.

I entered a gym and a male guest said to the night worker “Sorry, but you need to do something about her. She’s in the men’s locker room.” I thought I miss-heard and continued to the women’s lockers room to prep for my workout. I was working out my legs when I heard a girl from behind me speaking loudly. I thought it was another Hollywood douchette and ignored her. I glanced up from my workout focus and saw a few guys staring pass my shoulder. I decided to look.  She was a short girl, mid-late 20’s, with pink sweats, turquoise bra, and wet died blond hair, resembled a GoGo dancer. I found out later she was Russian. A group of people were talking to her.  Two guys looked slightly douchy so I just thought it was a Hollywood party crew.  Two girls within the group looked frustrated with her and left. The guys followed. I thought, “Girl drama!”

Her attention seeking voice echoed throughout the gym. She disappeared. Ten minutes before closing time; I decided to grab my bag from the women’s locker room. I saw her cloths sprawled out on the counter top. The bottoms of her sweats were soiled with dirt.  She emerged from the back entrance to the Jacuzzi and pool. She was naked, stared into the mirror rambling nonsense.  I left the locker room to the front desk and bugged the nightshift gym worker.

He looked exhausted. I said “So, is she crazy or is she drunk?” He shook his head and said, “Man she came here with a beer, sat it down and went to the back. She’s been running around naked and going into the Jacuzzi. She’s a guest of member.” I said “Where’s the member?” He said, “In back working out. They just meet two weeks ago.” It was closing time so, I asked if there was a female around to stay with him and take care of her. I didn’t want her to make any false accusations against him.  He was waiting for a female friend. However, I decided to wait until drunk, naked girl left the gym.

Guys kept coming to the front desk joking about whose girlfriend she was. We found out her “friend” bailed. A young concerned boy around 20 asked if she was okay, if anyone knew her and said he’d drive her to where she needed to go. He previously babysat her naked self in the Jacuzzi. He asked where he should take her. No one knew.

Time passed by, young boy looked at me and said, “It’s been awhile should we check on her?”  He followed me to the entrance of the women’s locker room.  I was kind of lecturing him about giving her a ride home because he was young and she was wasted. He was trying to figure out what to do with her. He thought about taking her to a hotel and thought about taking her to his place via friends’ suggestion. I told him to be precautious because she wasn’t in her right state of mind. He asked what I meant. I Said, “You’re not use to crazy people huh?” He said, “No.” I told him she may wake up in the morning next to him and flip out. He continued to tell me he knew how to protect himself because both of his parents were FBI agents and were killed in action. One parent first, then the other soon after, both within a year. He just moved her a year ago from an Asian country. He’s here to be an actor and wanted to do action movies where he could utilize the martial arts he learned from his parents. I told him he could use “that” (referring to his tragedy) in his acting, just be precautious of her because he’s young and it could screw up his life. He thanked me for my concern.

I went back into the women’s locker room where I found drunk, naked girl wandering around. I told her the gym was closed and she had to get ready.  She rambled something, and looked like she was about to get crazy. I gave her a stare then she chilled. She told me she couldn’t “go out there” because of all the girls; she was referring to the dressing area.  I told her, “Luv, you’re the last girl, the gym is closed you have to get ready.” I noticed she responded better to “Luv.” The night worker brought her purse and a few bags she left in the main area of the gym.  I told her to hurry and get ready because the gym is closed and the cops will come. She finally responded and started to get ready.  I told the worker to let me deal with her and we stepped outside the door. We waited longer.

More time passed. I walked back into the locker room and she was almost ready. She rambled about how she didn’t like it when people told her what to do and if she wanted to go hiking without any underwear on, she could. I told her she was a free spirit, which gave her a smile, then tried to explain to her it was illegal. She didn’t listen. I told her the young boy was waiting to take her home. She said, “Yes, he’s a good boy.” She finally walked out of the locker room with me. The young boy asked again where he should take her.  The worker and I both said we didn’t know and didn’t think she had a home. She continued to follow the young boy out of the gym.

The gym worker, his friend and I watched as she stumbled around and the young boy tried to wrangle her in. We all thought “Well, he’s getting laid tonight.” We were worried about her trying to do something vindictive to him.  Then I thought to myself, “Well, he could throw her down if she got crazy.” Then I thought, “And he’d know how to hide the body and cover his tracks if needed.” I let it go and walked home.



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