The Divine Order, Staring Dave Vescio, Begins Production

February 5, 2013


The Divine Order, Staring Dave Vescio Begins Production

Los Angeles, Ca. February 1, 2013 – ProBell Films feature length psychological thriller The Divine Order has started principal photography in Los Angeles, CA. Based on actual events, the film stars Dave Vescio as a manipulative cult leader, Elyon, who leads his followers down a strange and  horrifying path.

The film also stars Andy Gates and Tamzin Brown as a couple who breaks free from the deadly cult named the Polaris Society. Written, directed, produced, and edited by Patrick O’Bell (Client 14), produced by Gates (Gemini Rising, Grimm and 1,000 Ways to Die), and Maureen “Mo” Whelan (A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven, Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen).
The story of The Divine Order shadows a tightly knit cult hiding in a remote desert enclave as they prepare for the impending apocalypse. Two dissenters try to escape through the vast desert wasteland as the cult embarks on a mass suicide pact.

Patrick O’Bell uses his love for horror films to weave a dark and psychedelic tale about mind control and faith.  The Divine Order will shoot for 30 days on location in and around Los Angeles County.

Please visit the Indiegogo campaign page to find out how you can be involved with the film by contributing to the production costs.

For more information about Probell Films and The Divine Order please visit or


ProBell Films Media Contact:
Mo Whelan, Producer

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