FORGOTTEN TALES: A Reyna Young Film – Movie Review by Malevolent Magazine

May 29, 2015

Thank you Malevolent Magazine for the awesome review of Reyna Young​`s film I acted in, Forgotten Tales.

Malevolent Magazine

"Some Stories Are Better Left Untold" “Some Stories Are Better Left Untold”

Last Doorway Productions presents FORGOTTEN TALES

Writer/Director – Reyna Young

Starring – Kelsey Zukowski, Connie Jo SechristJudy CerdaAlex Bretow, Wyzae Crankfield,               Reyna YoungMaureen “Mo” Whelan

Reyna Young is cementing her legacy as a top Indie Horror filmmaker and there’s no sign of her letting up. FORGOTTEN TALES is a trilogy of stories filled with murderous terror, ghosts and serial killers with a classic Horror setup in a similar vein to Creepshow  or Trilogy of Terror with character crossovers in the three tales. There’s even a comic book in the works and a possible sequel…

GHOST STORY: There have been several women missing in the area for about 6 months each…Soon after signing her divorce papers, Maggie Reynolds (Connie Jo Sechrist) is unpacking in her new home where she is officially…

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