June 19, 2015

Thank you Malevolent for posting the press release about “Seeking Valentina” being an official selection of the FANtastic Horror Film Festival. I was a supervising producer and AD on the film.

Malevolent Magazine


The FANtastic Horror Film Festival chooses as its next Official Selection for their 2015 Season, Armin Nasseri’s Suspense Short, from Polar Underworld Productions – SEEKING VALENTINA. Starring Kristin WestAli Bavarian, and Vida Ghaffari

SYNOPSIS:  An Iranian-American writer, in the pangs of grief, takes in a mysterious tenant. When she mysteriously disappears, is she a ghost, a hallucination, a dream or a runaway?

Exclusive Stills and BTS Photos:

Trivia:   Producer/star Kristin West, and Writer/Director Armin Nasseri point out that they committed to not only having an ethnically diverse cast but also a gender balanced cast and crew. Five of the ten crew members were female. Of the principal and supporting cast of nine, five were females and four were male. Nasseri also made an atypical casting choice in West for the title role of Valentina. “I am not a size 0,” says…

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