This past Easter Sunday, SoCal hip-hop group The Rezinators announced the release of their new music video and song “Get Me Down.” I was fortunate enough to be invited to the making of the music video. The music video was Produced by Apollo V and Directed by Cannanvision. It was a small cast and crew […]

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My films

December 29, 2014

A few people have asked about the films I wrote and directed. I often create and post random videos on my YouTube Channel

Documentary: Mo’s Boozy Bits

Content consists of video footage I shot out and about mainly in Hollywood.


Below are a few film’s I’ve press released in the past:

Short film: The Suburban Count

Wrote / Produced / Directed / Edited

Log-line: A hopeless drunk, The Suburban Count, is forced to live in a single bedroom apartment with his two lazy, stoner vampire friends on the outskirts of the city after his castle is foreclosed on.

Highlights: Screened at The Bungalow Club in March 2011 and was released on Funny or Die in October 2011.

Funny or Die video link:

Short film: A Sin That Cannot be Forgiven

Wrote / Produced / Directed / Edited

Log-line: A man reflects on the day he broke all the Ten Commandments in one day.

Highlights: An Official Selection of the 2013 A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival and was an Official Selection of the 2012 AOF International Film Festival.


Short film: M is for… Miscarriage

Co-Directed with Reyna Young

I also edited this video

Log-line: A man comes home from work to find his wife traumatized and covered in blood.

Highlights: One of the original 500+ entries selected for the “ABC’s of Death 2” online competition.

ABC’s of Death 2 link:

It’s also in my YouTube short film playlist.

Feature Film: No Service (currently in pre-production)

Co-writer / co-director / co-producer / co-editor with Reyna Young

Log-line: A group of friends car breaks down on their way to Las Vegas and end up trying to survive the night in the High Desert.

Here’s a playlist with a few teasers I shot and edited along with a shout-out from Syrus from MTV / Real World Boston. The IndieGoGo video created by Reyna Young:

Samsung Galaxy s4 video footage from my favorite Club in Hollywood, The Do Over. Featuring Louis Brodinski. I LOVE THIS CLUB!

Louis Brodinski –

The Do-Over –

Test video footage from my new Samsung Galaxy. Location The Belasco Downtown LA for the “SDOTN 5 Year Anniversary Party hosted by Kid Ink featuring Sean Kingston” on 08/17/13. I love my new smart phone! 🙂


I posted a new episode of Mo’s Boozy Bits on my YouTube channel.  You may view it at the following link:


IMDB approved a title page for my experimental documentary webisode “Mo’s Boozy Bits.”

I like to shoot random video footage about my life experiences and later create a short video that I post on my YouTube channel. It’s all unscripted. I produce, direct, edit and shoot the video myself.  This is a Probell Films production. My YouTube channel “Mo Dragonfly” became a Content Partner Channel on April 29th 2012.

IMDB title page –

YouTube playlist –

A new “Mo’s Boozy Bits.” We’re sober so it’s not as entertaining but you get to listen to Patrick O’Bell director of “The Divine Order” and I ramble as we location scout and look at planes. This is our 1st documentary behind the scenes. There’s some blocking from the compression ’cause I tweeked out some of the contrast and coloring in the video.