Trailers and promo videos…

The first short film I wrote, directed, and produced, “The Suburban Count.”

Vaud and the Villains music video “Eyes on the Prize.” I’m in the audience.

My Director / Editor reel

Teaser for my new short film “A Sin that Cannot be Forgiven.”

Animated teaser for my live action short film “The Suburban Count.”

Trailer for the slasher feature film I produced “Client 14”

Trailer for a film I acted in “Seven Deadly Sins: Inside The Ecomm Cult”

Guest interviewee “Welcome to my Darkside – Women in Horror Documentary” – trailer

Guest interviewee “Adventures in Plymptoons! (Documentary)” – trailer

Guest interviewee “Hollywoodbroker Present: LA Mission Red Carpet “David Harrison Levi””

Guest interviewee “Samyar – LA Make Over (part two)”

Below are a few videos I made appearances in (non-speaking)


I wasn’t in the below video but I did the set design in the darker scene with the girl.  The Tarot cards are also mine.


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