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December 29, 2014

A few people have asked about the films I wrote and directed. I often create and post random videos on my YouTube Channel

Documentary: Mo’s Boozy Bits

Content consists of video footage I shot out and about mainly in Hollywood.


Below are a few film’s I’ve press released in the past:

Short film: The Suburban Count

Wrote / Produced / Directed / Edited

Log-line: A hopeless drunk, The Suburban Count, is forced to live in a single bedroom apartment with his two lazy, stoner vampire friends on the outskirts of the city after his castle is foreclosed on.

Highlights: Screened at The Bungalow Club in March 2011 and was released on Funny or Die in October 2011.

Funny or Die video link:

Short film: A Sin That Cannot be Forgiven

Wrote / Produced / Directed / Edited

Log-line: A man reflects on the day he broke all the Ten Commandments in one day.

Highlights: An Official Selection of the 2013 A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival and was an Official Selection of the 2012 AOF International Film Festival.


Short film: M is for… Miscarriage

Co-Directed with Reyna Young

I also edited this video

Log-line: A man comes home from work to find his wife traumatized and covered in blood.

Highlights: One of the original 500+ entries selected for the “ABC’s of Death 2” online competition.

ABC’s of Death 2 link:

It’s also in my YouTube short film playlist.

Feature Film: No Service (currently in pre-production)

Co-writer / co-director / co-producer / co-editor with Reyna Young

Log-line: A group of friends car breaks down on their way to Las Vegas and end up trying to survive the night in the High Desert.

Here’s a playlist with a few teasers I shot and edited along with a shout-out from Syrus from MTV / Real World Boston. The IndieGoGo video created by Reyna Young:


Scream Queens Victoria De Mare, Michelle Tomlinson, and Reyna Young Join The Divine Order

Los Angeles, Ca. May 15, 2013 – Scream Queens Victoria De Mare, Michelle Tomlinson, and Reyna Young aka Miss Misery have joined the cast of the Probell Films feature length psychological horror thriller The Divine Order. Victoria De Mare was dubbed by the media as “Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen,” Michelle Tomlinson has been listed on several “Top Ten Hot B Movie Actresses” lists, and Reyna Young aka Miss Misery has been labeled by the media as “The Queen of Horror in the Bay Area.” All three Scream Queens along with producer Maureen “Mo” Whelan have been featured on

This past April 2013 Michelle Tomlinson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Luckily, this is one of the most curable cancers and she has remained strong since the diagnosis. Her surgery is scheduled for June and she will be receiving additional treatment for the next following months. We ask for your support with her fight against cancer. She has started an on-line donation page to help with her medical bills and other expenses while she is recovering. Please visit the following page and donate today –

Probell Films will be shooting a couple of scenes starring Michelle Tomlinson, Reyna Young, Andy Gates, and Uri Ryder at Five0Four Hollywood, a New Orleans themed bar and restaurant located on Hollywood boulevard in Hollywood, Ca. This location was chosen due to its atmosphere, location, friendly staff, choice of alcohol and delicious food.

The story of The Divine Order shadows a tightly knit cult in the aftermath of a mass suicide. The exception is a couple of strangers who refuse to “drink the Kool Aid” much to the ire of the Cults’ persuasive and controlling leader. The two surviving characters break out from the compound, which is in a high desert wasteland, to seek a second chance at life.

For more information about The Divine Order and its cast or crew please visit the IMDB page at or the Probell Films website at For more details regarding Five0Four and their food / drink specials, please visit


Probell Films Media Contact:
Mo Whelan aka Modragonfly, Producer / Actress


Press release posted on the following sites:

Horror Society –

Twisted Central –

Ninja Crayon –

Promote Horror –



The Divine Order, Staring Dave Vescio Begins Production

Los Angeles, Ca. February 1, 2013 – ProBell Films feature length psychological thriller The Divine Order has started principal photography in Los Angeles, CA. Based on actual events, the film stars Dave Vescio as a manipulative cult leader, Elyon, who leads his followers down a strange and  horrifying path.

The film also stars Andy Gates and Tamzin Brown as a couple who breaks free from the deadly cult named the Polaris Society. Written, directed, produced, and edited by Patrick O’Bell (Client 14), produced by Gates (Gemini Rising, Grimm and 1,000 Ways to Die), and Maureen “Mo” Whelan (A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven, Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen).
The story of The Divine Order shadows a tightly knit cult hiding in a remote desert enclave as they prepare for the impending apocalypse. Two dissenters try to escape through the vast desert wasteland as the cult embarks on a mass suicide pact.

Patrick O’Bell uses his love for horror films to weave a dark and psychedelic tale about mind control and faith.  The Divine Order will shoot for 30 days on location in and around Los Angeles County.

Please visit the Indiegogo campaign page to find out how you can be involved with the film by contributing to the production costs.

For more information about Probell Films and The Divine Order please visit or


ProBell Films Media Contact:
Mo Whelan, Producer


A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven Premieres at the 2012 AOF International Film Festival

Los Angeles, Ca. July 7, 2012 – A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven world premiere will be in August 2012, day and time to be determined, as an Official Selection of the 2012 AOF International Film Festival. AOF International Film Festival will be hosted by the Krikorian Premiere Theater located at 410 South Myrtle Ave. Monovia, CA 91016, event dates are August 17th – 25th 2012.  Programming and event schedule will be listed on the AOF International Film Festival website at

A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven is a Probell Films production written, directed, produced, and edited by Maureen “Mo” Whelan.  Starring Andy Gates who’s recent appearances include Grimm, Got Home Alive, Hostage Do or Die, The Young and the Restless and Gemini Rising. Music composed by Alon Kaplan.

Mo Whelan combined her childhood religious Catholic upbringing along with her love for horror films into a dark, poetic tale about a man who breaks all the Ten Commandments in one day.  Shot in a day, this short experimental film uniquely teaches the Ten Commandments within six minutes.

“We are honored to be a part of the 2012 AOF International Film Festival programming.  The creation of this film was only possible with the help and love of true friends. We are ecstatic to share our talents with the supportive AOF audience and staff,” said Mo Whelan.

AOF International Film Festival, founded by Filmmaker Del Weston, is one of the fastest growing international film festivals in the industry. Showcasing over 400 independent films and hosting several seminars and networking events for independent filmmakers, AOF is a must attend event. The AOF team recently launched the AOF Channel, a weekly series showcasing their filmmakers. AOF gives the up and coming filmmaker an opportunity to grow in today’s ever-changing, competitive market.

You may view the A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven teaser at the following link – and Mo Whelan’s blog at for updates.  For more information about Probell Films please visit and Alon Kaplan please visit


I added the Official AOF 2012 Official Selection Laurels to the poster art of my short film “A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven.”

Publicity shot of Andy Gates, lead actor of my short film “A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven.”  Photo by Jenn Chavez-Ward 🙂