I’ll be speaking at the High Desert Film Alliance at the Holiday Inn in Victorville this Thursday, April 13th 2017 at 6:30pm.

I’ll be speaking about my entertainment experience, how I got into the industry and filming in LA, San Francisco, Big Bear and the high desert. You may view my IMDB page at the following link –   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1788574



Here are a couple videos I shot of my friends alternative rock band, The Lillies. They kind of have a U2 influenced sound.

Video was shot at Desert Barn Brewery located in Hesperia, California.

Check out their music and updates at the following links:
SoundCloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/the-lillies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLillies

Website: http://www.thelilliesmusic.com

Next Friday, October 16th, the Desert Rocks Film and Music festival will be hosting a murder mystery dinner in Hesperia California.  Please check out the flyer and join the event. I’m a festival committee member.


Here’s the new flyer for the Desert Rocks Film and Music Festival in Hesperia, California.  I’m a committee member for the event. Please, mark the date in your calenders and check it out!


Volunteering at Hesperia Days

September 25, 2014

Every once in a while I like to venture out of my element and experience new events which includes community events. As a writer, I can draw from these events for subject matter. Plus, I find all types of people interesting.

Friends may know that although I wasn’t born in the states, I did grow up in a small desert community in California called Hesperia. I lived there from age 4 – 19. There wasn’t much to do as a teenager except hang out at the mall, go to parties or raves in the middle of the desert or take a trip to Hollywood to party. It was all about partying. In current days, the city has been making an effort to create events for the community to attend for all to enjoy, one of those events is Hesperia Days.

As a horror writer this event screams horror film all over it. I wonder if the city and recreation and parks district will let me make a horror film based on it. The event was hosted at Hesperia Lakes, so there’s a lake for people to fish and ducks to swim in. There’s also a campground, so campers had their motorhomes and tents set up. Vendors were scattered throughout the park which included food, crafts, schools, Christian churches, wild animal rescue, martial arts, cancer awareness and several other companies. A stage was set up for live music;  the first day was Christian country, the next old school rock and roll. My new friend Jennifer and her man had a photo booth set up for their company, Fun Photo Shop, where people could dress up and take fun, memorable pics. Fort Irwin brought a few Army military trucks for the kids to check out. There was even a duck race, yes, a DUCK race.

One of the main attractions was a kid’s zone which consisted of carnival games and rides. This is where I was stationed and volunteering. The majority of the volunteers where teenagers from local church groups or high schools; just few adults volunteered. I was one of the few adults that got to be a supervisor of the teens at a ride. Which meant; I collected tickets and dealt with the kids and parents. The main issue was trying to keep parents calm when their children became impatient while waiting in line for a ride. Some parents were spazy but the excitement of their children usually balanced it out. I think the kids listened to me more often than some of the parents. Parents would argue that someone cut in line, when they didn’t. Some parents would come up with random excuses to try to cut the line. One tried to claim they were standing in line for the wrong ride of a ride that didn’t exist. Another young lady had a fit when I told said her child couldn’t go on a bungee ride because it was underweight. It’s a bungee ride not a park swing. I could just imagine the news if the kid flung out of its seat, into the air and splat on the floor. There was more parent drama on the last day which was a Sunday. I just assumed the parents were hungover and cranky. I waited all day for a giant, demonic bat to fly around the park and swoop up the dramatic parents, or a killer clown with giant people eating balloons, but neither happened. So, I left the event with a bag of kettle corn in one hand and a soda in the other just happy the kids enjoyed themselves.

I was exhausted when I arrived home, but enjoyed my time volunteering and have some good material to incorporate into my writings. Volunteering is always fun because you’re dealing with strangers who know nothing about you. In their eyes, you’re just there to serve them and that’s it. Their drama doesn’t faze you because again, you’re just a volunteer. I’ve had my dose of the general public for a few months. Now I’m ready to go back into the entertainment industry drama.

Hesperia Days – http://www.hesperiaparks.com/hesperia-days-2014
Hesperia Recreation and Parks District – http://www.hesperiaparks.com
Fun Photo Shoppe – http://www.funphotoshoppephotobooth.com


Kids Zone

Kids Zone


Country Band

Country Band

My sister in a military truck

My sister in a military truck